Good editors make your writing better and your message clearer. More accessible. More real.

Jennifer Goode Stevens and Richard V. Stevens have more than 50 years of combined experience as professional editors,  much of that as copy editors and content managers for large news organizations.

They understand the creative process and the importance of keeping a writer’s voice intact or a company’s message consistent, whether it’s in the Great American Novel, a blog post, a marketing brochure or a menu.

“Writers want other people to read — and to understand,” Jennifer says. “If there are misspellings and bad grammar, or if there is a hole in a plot line, they get in the way of the writer’s goal of being understood.”

Jennifer and Richard are sticklers — and maybe a little compulsive — when  making sure everything is right on your website, in your publication and for your clients.

And that’s why you want Goode Edits on your next project.